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17 Conversations No Passive-Aggressive Person Has Had

And, of course, the conversation where YOU apologize for being passive-aggressive, and then promise to work on it (and actually mean it). | 17 Conversations No Passive-Aggressive Person Has Had

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stop being too nice in your #divorce and in general... you'll be happier!

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15 of the most passive aggressive quotes on Instagram

Not all inspirational quotes are filled with positivity, sunshine, and workout tips. These passive aggressive quotes about friends and life sure aren't.

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Funny thing about passive aggressive people, they can smile and throw you under the bus, then get you to apologize for getting upset about it. My mom and I talk about mental health often.(she is a nurse so no surprise) Its fascinating learning the why behind other peoples behavior. Luckily we don't know many p/a people.

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I stopped explaining myself when I realized other people only understand from their level of perception... and we are all on our level of learning so don't blame someone because they're below or above you - we're all learning as best we can... ;-)

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How to spot an emotional manipulator. They twist your words, they say something but mean another, they guilt trip you, they're passive aggressive, it's always about them.

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griffstream: “Just spreading good cheer ” I have done this….l.o.l

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