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from All Pro Dad

Engaging the Passive-Aggressive Family Member

Passive-aggressives seek to attain power over people and try to maintain that power. Engaging with them in the same way you engage everyone else is like swimming against a riptide. You need a whole new strategy. Is someone in your family passive-aggressive? Maybe even worse, are you? Here are 5 ways to spot a passive-aggressive and how to engage. #family #communication


Mind blown! Covert, passive-aggressive narcissist - holy smokes, this is exactly the narcissist I endured and she did it to me my entire life and family members never noticed, BUT all my friends always noticed!!!!! and have always made comments like " I cannot believe you're related to her!!" or "I cannot believe you two came from the same Mom and Dad"!

from Everblossom

How to Deal With Passive-Aggressive People