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What you should look for in a partner is someone who grounds your ego but lifts your spirits, who moves you to pursue your wildest dreams but reels you back to reality when you need it, who applauds you on the rewards of your successes but never allows you to lose sight of the reason you started.


I remember reading this in an article a long time ago and it really striking a chord. I often hear people say that they would rather have their partner be the one who loves them more. There is some narrative that we believe that says "if I don't love you more than you love me I'll never get hurt." It's a distorted belief that let's us hold some form of perceived power and control but has us living and loving from a fear based place. Truth is you don't walk around with power you walk around…


When you choose a life partner, you're choosing ... parenting partner, eating companion, travel companion, primary leisure time and retirement friend, your career therapist, and someone whose day you'll hear about 18,000 times


And respectful, and tolerant without compromising my own integrity. Everyone has the opportunity to sit at my table, not everyone deserves to stay seated.


Soulmate. Life partner. You don't need someone to complete you. You are your own person. You will find someone that will make a unit. A team. #love #quotes