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French citizens reveal unnerving first-hand reactions to the Paris attacks - via @AOL


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Jean-Pierre Rey: Girl Waving Flag During General Strike, Paris, May 1968 LIFE‘s May 24, 1968 coverage of the Paris uprisings: The street battle of Paris began with student demonstrations and swiftly escalated into savage warfare. Rock-throwing bands charged up the boulevards. Police, led by the elite and detested Compagnies Républicained de Sécurité, and Gardes Mobiles, charged over cobblestone barricades the student built and attacked without restraint or discrimination. clik thru to…


WHERE ARE ALL THE CHRISTIANS?: Since the Paris attacks, Obama has authorized the admitting of 132 Syrian "refugees" into the US. They are all Male, all Sunni Muslims, and NO CHRISTIANS in the bunch. I wonder why no Christian refugees allowed to come in? #MuslimMigrants #NTEB


Deadly Attacks in Paris

Shootings left more than 100 people dead or wounded Friday in Paris. A blast at a stadium forced the evacuation of the French president, and there were reports that hostages were taken.