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A complete guide to paranormal research from a scientific prospective. The Authors have spent the last four years creating a methodology with the intention of uniting the paranormal community while… read more at Kobo.


Paranormal Researcher Todd Hendrickson writes an article on the Moffitt's case.

Skinwalker Ranch, Utah. This 480-acre compound in northeastern Utah is the site of many unexplained—and harrowing—incidents: roaring underground noises, the appearance of menacing blue orbs, attacks by shape-shifting beasts, and evidence of animal mutilations. Purchased in 1994 by a couple looking to raise cattle and quickly put on the market two years later, the ranch is now managed by the National Institute for Discovery Sciences, a paranormal research organization.


This new REM Pod uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion (4) colorful LED lights can be activated in any order or combination. This new feature is intended to further help promote and advance Paranormal research.


Missouri Paranormal Research picture: This Photo was taken at an investigation of an old abandoned by a man named Tom who reports he was standing in a doorway at the top of the stairs when he looked down and seen the entity moving up the stairs towards him, he waited and snapped this shot just as it got to the top of the staircase, which by then it was beginning to fade and disappear.