Hayley Williams and her band, who haven’t released an album since 2013, return with “After Laughter.”

Paramore Bounces Back With Old Faces and a New Sound

HARD TIMES.. GONNA MAKE YOU WONDER WHY YOU EVEN TRY. PARAMORE!  Omg in love this is the best day ever!!

You no I have a lot of confidence issues. This quote is how I feel when I either get a bad grade in something or when I try to do something and I fail makes me wonder why I try if I can't get it right

Paramore has set various World Records for #aintitfun music video! Watch it here: http://circleme.com/activities/1190586 #paramore http://circleme.com/items/paramore--3

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Hayley Williams in Paramore's "Hard Times" video still ✖️ I hate this song, but I still rock w/ Paramore

Hayley Williams - Musician<<I love how she has her hair right now. It's so cute

Fake Happy :: After Laughter

'I know fake happy' // Fake Happy, After Laughter, Paramore By Abigail Norton

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I don't have a board for paramore but they are one of my favorites

"Hey I'm Hayley, I'm 17, and I am very much a party girl. I like having fun and I like to sing but I don't that often. I'm single and I'm not bad I just really really like having fun" I grin

Hayley williams Paramore The Fader