Paper Napkins for Decoupage: Tips

Here are some tips for working with paper napkins for decoupage: where to find them {cheaply!} and the secret to applying them in your projects.

Our Can't-Miss Tip For Perfect Paper Napkin Decoupage!

Our Can't-Miss Tip For Perfect Paper Napkin Decoupage!

As you can imagine, we’ve decoupaged just about everything around here! But we’re so excited about today’s post - we’re sharing how to use the humble napkin in your next decoupage project.

How to print on paper napkins. Easy tutorial! - pinning now, reading later. might come in handy in the future.

USE your printer to make custom Paper Napkins- Easy tutorial! Great for weddings or parties

DIY Paper Doily Christmas Trees Origin:  Need: - Paper napkins of different sizes (17, 15 and 11cm) - Skewers and wood beads (2.5 cm)  1) cut out the doilies, glue 1/4 of paper doily 2) Fold it to form a paper cone 3) Slide the smallest doily on a skewer, put a wooden bead, then repeat twice more 4) Hot glue the last bead 5) Cut the skewers at different heights. Stick them on a foam board to create your forest

25+ Beautiful DIY Fabric and Paper Doily Crafts

Spray paint a tin can; add paper napkins, mod podge, glue gun & pretty…

Upcycled Tin Can Projects

Towel storage made of decoupaged tin cans - Fashion, crafts and more (Love this idea. Not sold on using as towel holders; maybe utensils in kitchen or misc. supplies in the studio)

Decoupage - How to decoupage with Paper Napkins with Mod Podge!

Pumpkin Decoupage Idea with Paper Napkins