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Color Science & Art

Science & Art For Kids: learn what paper chromatography is and what each color is made up of. This activity makes a fun craft project, too!

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Candy Color Chromatography experiment and photos of hands-on science STEM project with kids at home / family science

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Christmas Science Advent Calendar

Chromatography Christmas Ornaments - Day 20 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar - Use paper chromatography to make fun tie dye ornaments.

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Separate the Colors from Leaves Using Chromatography

Color Science & Art

Paper Chromatography | Is Black Really Black? Science

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Wow, gotta love school. Let's just use paper chromatography to find out who wrote the note. Real-life forensics, in a little less worrisome situation

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Find the Hidden Colors of Autumn Leaves - What color are autumn leaves really turning?: Use some simple chemistry to separate out molecules that give fall leaves their vibrant colors. Free via Scientific American.

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Chromatography Lab - Activity

Photo shows a strip of white thin layer chromatography (TLC) paper on a glass beaker. A line of colored dots (green, blue, pink, orange, yellow) on the paper shows the separation of colored ink from the chromatography process.

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