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Brown paper bags torn and crumpled then wallpaper pasted to the wall. Once dry stained slightly then polyurethane sealed. This is in my bathroom. Moisture proof. Looks and feels like leather.

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Crafts Corner Faux Leather walls. Brown paper bags, wallpaper paste, sponge, polyurethane. Rip bags into useable pieces , attach with wallpaper paste, let dry all the way, Brush or sponge on polyurethane till paper looks wet let dry gives a great faux leather look. It can also be done on table tops, furniure leggs or even picture frames I have done and they are beautiful. You can use polyurethane colored glazes for some effects of color if you choose.

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Paper 'Plique, commonly known as tissue paper walls, torn paper or elephant skin finish. paper 'plique n. Art Effects' faux finishing technique, [coined from "applied paper"] v. to apply a type of paper to a wall with the intent of finishing it with a glazing process. [syn. tissue paper wall, elephant skin finish, faux leather, faux gold leaf]

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Scratches on a Brown Paper Bag -- I heard it is VERY IMPORTANT to use a real lacquered top coat and not a water-based finish or it will bubble and rip easily.

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Paper Bag Floor / Faux Flooring-Walls and Ceilings - so diving this for our bedroom! Goodbye ugly beige carpet!

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DIY Brown Paper Floor - Part 2

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