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Easy Low-Cost Christmas Projects

Outdoor Holiday Luminarias ... Turn paper bags into dramatic luminarias by cutting out your own designs with a crafts knife, hole punchers, and scissors. Then wait for dusk, fill the bottom with sand, and drop in a tea light to bring your walkways to life. (Use battery-powered votives if you're not going to be at home while these are on display.)


Paper Party Lanterns

The intricate patterns shining through these luminarias (paper-bag lanterns illuminated by votive candles) are courtesy of doilies glued inside. Place a grouping of the lanterns in different sizes on a dinner table for a beautiful, glowing display.


10 Easy Jack-O-Lanterns with No Pumpkin Involved

Paper Bag Jack-O-Lanterns: Looking for a Halloween craft idea that's extremely affordable? Kids can go wild making as many jack-o-lanterns as they want when they're just cutting faces in orange paper bags and lighting them with battery-operated tea lights.


Tutorial: Paper Pumpkin Luminary Halloween Decorations

These paper Jack-o-Lanterns make great rustic Halloween decorations. Here are the instructions for how to make paper bag pumpkin luminaries.