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PEACH PAPAYA SMOOTHIE - After my discovery of Trader Joe's frozen papaya chunks (my review), I was thrilled to blend up a few light and creamy tropical papaya smoothies. This one is low in calories and rich in antioxidants and healthy digestion probiotics. My Peach Papaya smoothie recipe ahead...


Ten Summer Smoothie and Juice Recipes. Revive! 1. Tropical Pink Cashew Smoothie 2. Fresh Peach Hemp Protein Smoothie 3. Fresh Ginger, Raw Banana Smoothie 4. Organic Raspberry Kiwi Acai Smoothie 5. Wild Blueberry Kick-Start Smoothie 6. Frozen Coconut Water 7. Banana Pineapple Super Enzyme Smoothie 8. Chai-Berry Short-Cup. Dessert Smoothie. 9. Yellow Fruity Frothy 10. Peach Papaya Smoothie

from Veg Recipes of India

in this mango banana papaya smoothie recipe, you will taste a bit of all three fruits and it is on sweeter side. smoothies is a sweet way to include fruits in your diet.