Scott Hahn explains Papal Infallibility, via YouTube. Dearest pinners - take the time to deepen your education in our breathtaking faith!

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31 MAY 2013 - Something on Papal Infallibility (SECOND of a Series): (Matt 23:1-3) (1)Jesus spoke to the multitudes and His disciples, (2) saying: "The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat. (3) "Therefore WHATEVER THEY TELL YOU to observe, THAT OBSERVE and DO BUT do NOT DO according to their works; for they...See More

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Can you provide an actual quote by Pope John Paul II that states that life begins at conception? | Catholic Answers <3

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22 September 1871 > Johann von Döllinger Meets With German Catholics Opposed to Papal Infallibility

Infallibility does not mean that a pope is incapable of sin. All popes are human and therefore sinners. Infallibility does not mean that the pope is inspired. Papal infallibility does not involve any special revelation from God. A pope learns about his faith in the same way that anyone else does – he studies.

Great description of why the Catholic Church HAS a Pope and why we regard what he says as revealed to the world by God.

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