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Papa Legba is a spirit often found in Caribbean religions. He is a "gatekeeper". He is called first in religious ceremonies because he is in charge of communication between the spirit world and the human world. His depiction varies depending on location, but his role is usually very similar. He has been compared to St. Peter, because he is in charge of entrance into the other world.

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Baron Samedi - Master of death, giver of life. Judge for the innocent. Offerings - Cigars, rum, black coffee, bread and peanuts.

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The Voodoo Truth About Papa Legba

The voodoo truth about Papa Legba. Click to read more about this guardian of the crossroads who so often gets a bad rap.

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Skeleton Key Amulet, Hoodoo - Witchcraft - Good Tres Bien Juju Folk Magic ~ Papa Legba & Saint Peter

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Papa Legba - Spirit Guide For The Voodoo Religion

Papa Legba Spirit Guide For The Voodoo Religion by HollySierraArt, $30.00