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Pangolin Scales

CITES wildlife summit: From lion bone to pangolin scales, the big decisions at a glance | conservation | Earth Touch News

Rhino horn, ivory, lion bone, pangolin scales and more ... this year's CITES summit has brought decisions affecting hundreds of threatened species.

A Pangolin. Many types of Pangolin are threatened or near threatened. They are hunted and eaten in parts of Africa, and are a popular type of bush meat. They are also in great demand in China because their meat is considered a delicacy and some Chinese believe pangolin scales have medicinal qualities. Pangolin are illegally trafficked for food and folk medicine. Hunting and deforestation has led to a large decrease in the numbers of pangolins.


tree-pangolin-by-valerius-tygart Applaud the unanimous decision to completely ban international trade on all species of a mammal that has been devastated by poaching.

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Commercial Trade of the Pangolin Has Just Been Banned



GOOD NEWS: At the CITES conference in South Africa, the world has approved proposals to protect all eight species of #pangolins by barring international trade of pangolin scales/meat!

Endangered Pangolin. The only mammal with scales! Animals, Creatures, and Beasts. Wild Kingdom

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Pangolins, Earth’s Most Beautiful and Trafficked Creatures, Finally Get Protection

The pangolin is the only known mammal with scales. Pangolins are beautiful, precious little creatures, often likened to an artichoke with legs. According to NPR, they’re also the world’s most trafficked mammals. Luckily for these little cuties, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, or CITES, has officially banned commercial trading of pangolins.


A beautifully rare animal found in the African bush, the pangolin is covered in scale-like armor. Taken on Karongwe Private Game Reserve, South Africa