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pangolin armour made of the scales of a pangolin similar to an armadillo


2,500 pangolins are poached in Swaziland annually. Poachers are given free rein, with a slap on the wrist as the only punishment when they are caught. Tell Swaziland's king that the poaching needs to be stopped.


‘The Virgin Mother’ is a 33-foot, thirteen-ton bronze sculpture, cast at Pangolin Editions foundry, in Gloucester created by Damien Hirst .


Image: The pink fairy armadillo is native to central Argentina. (© Nicholas Smythe/Getty Images)

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from the Guardian

2016 wildlife photographer of the year - winners in pictures

The pangolin pit, Paul Hilton UK/Australia Winner, wildlife photojournalist award: Single image Nothing prepared Hilton for the sight of 4,000 defrosting pangolins (five tonnes) from one of the largest seizures of the animals on record. They were destined for China and Vietnam for the exotic meat trade or for traditional medicine. Pangolins have become the world’s most trafficked animals, with all eight species targeted.

Conservation through jewellery, inspired by the Pangolin. The Tikki Hywood Trust work tirelessly to help save the world's most trafficked mammal; the Pangolin. With our new collection alongside Adrian Steirn's powerful images we hope to help give a voice to this mysterious and critically endangered animal


Ground pangolin (Image CC BY 2.0: Maria Diekmann / ...