There are no muscles in the fingers, and the muscles in the palm of the hand are for moving the fingers wider to reach larger intervals, or crossing fingers over each other in scales, arpeggios, etc.

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Palmistry for Beginners, Palmistry Guide by Watts Designs | Hand Reading Tutorial | Chiromancy Infographic | Divination
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I love palm reading so very much. Although sometimes it makes me nervous that my lifelines on my hands are different short, one long.

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Hand Painted Tropical, Beach Palm Tree Wine Glasses - NEW Design in Home & Garden, Kitchen, Dining & Bar, Glassware | eBay

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Hand of the Mysteries Also known as The Hand of the Philosopher, or The Hand of the Master Mason, it holds in signs and symbols the secrets of the Art Alchemia and nobody can understand this hand, unless he becomes first a juror of the philosophers. It is covered with alchemical and allegorical symbols and icons that each carry their own meaning. Each symbol is a key to a higher truth, reading these symbols would help the Alchimist/Philosopher to find the Philosopher’s Stone. Understandi...

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Major Lines of Your Palm - still learning since i was a pup. my yia yia was a palm reader Loved by #palmistry

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Eva Oertli and Beat Huber, “La main généreuse” or "The Caring hand", sculpture in Glaris, Switzerland

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