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Lamb in Yogurt Sauce, Mansaf for Beginners. This site is the best! She cooks authentic, Palestinian food - the kind I grew up on and now am learning to make for myself.


2 Palestinian food recipes that will make you cry. And not out of sadness. Palestinian-British restaurateur Joudie Kalla developed an app to serve up her family's recipes, with a healthy serving of politics on the side.


Maqluba - Up Side Down (Chicken & Rice)


These rustic Palestinian cookies are simply addictive, the crust crackles and crumbles revealing the date center, with just the right amount of sweetness and a hint of spice.

Khaliat Nahal (Bee’s Hive Bread)

This Arabic Dessert called BEEHIVE is a dish of baked dough rolled into balls stuffed with cream cheese with sugar syrup poured on the top. This favorite, very delicious dish, is traditionally served with a cup of tea.