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English Garden Bouquet from Grocery Store Flowers

Make a Gorgeous Rose Arrangement from Grocery Store Flowers

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It was in my flaws, I found a much deeper truth and it is from them, I bloom ..a black rose. ~ Segovia Amil

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Science art - Cosmology - Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot inspirational quote poster typography print on paper or canvas up to A0 size

Science art Cosmology Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot by frameitposters

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Jules Bianchi in Amber Lounge Fashion in Monaco

Formal season doesn't have to mean suits - try a blazer or sports jacket. This pale blue jacket with navy trousers will compliment your girl's bright or pastel coloured gowns.

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peachy walls/art wall/beautiful chairs!

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Orchid Skull Tattoo, love this for a shoulder tattoo only i would prolly make the orchids a darker color

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OTP30: Gaming/Watching a Movie by ~pixolith on deviantART

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Three Rivers Deep

pinterest: @kittymachine

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Fun in the sun: Tips for preventing skin cancer

A healthy tan is an oxymoron: any tan is a sign of damage to your skin!

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The Spring after my Dad passed, I was at the cemetery putting flowers on his grave. A Dragonfly landed on the flowers I just put out. I put my hand next to it and it jumped to my hand. I held it for a few seconds until it flew off, circled around me, and landed back on the flowers. I can't help but believe it was my Dad letting me know he was there

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