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from Unskinny Boppy

The Lazy Girl's Timesaving Tips For Painting Wall Stripes

Easy way to paint stripes: use ODD number of stripes so top and bottom are existing room color, make stripes in even inch (or mm) increments, and use the bottom stripe to soak up the odd bits of measurements.

from Thistlewood Farm

How to Paint Stripes

How to Paint Stripes....interesting....pull tape before the paint dries?****this was helpful. we did pull the tape when wet but the tape was cheap so didnt work to well

The Yellow Cape Cod: Super smart way to paint stripes...paint over tape with base color 1st to prevent accent color from seeping, then paint accent color. Genius!

Here's the real trick for perfectly crisp lines: seal the edges of the painters tape with some of the base wall color before painting on the contrasting color. Don't paint the whole width of the tape. Just a bit along the edge of the tape on the side where the stripe will be painted. Let that paint dry and then paint your stripe color. great idea!

from Just Paint It Blog

Painting Stripes on Walls

Yesterday, a Facebook friend asked me if I had any tips for painting stripes on walls. Me? Personally? Here’s my tip – run in the opposite direction. Fast. Just kidding. {not really} I found some great tips and tutorials, but I prefer to “blog-gle” info (search blogs rather than websites). Bloggers tend to give more …