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Summer Fun Paint War Party


How to Host a Paint War Party

A Paint War Party is a must for any family or group of friends. Who doesnt like to get messy and get competitive? Here's how to throw one of your own!


AWESOME Hunger Games/Paint war party. This. Is. Awesome!!!! I think this would be a fun teen activity *hint* *hint* :D Okay, maybe we can do this @Naomi Francois Ames . As long as we have as much fun as I see people having in pictures and I look as cute as this girl. ;)


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Homemade paint for paint fight - I found this to be very thick paint. Great for textile learning, but doesn't spread well. Maybe more water?


Nerf gun game!! We do something like this every Christmas with our whole family. We tend to stay in the house, but that might change with this!!