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here’s part two of my brush settings list!!! (part one here) Note for marker tool for the drawr brushes, i sometimes use it for coloring too, but feel free to experiment with them however you like! Also guys I recently posted my first full coloring speed paint video here ;v; check it out if you’re interested in seeing how i color things lol// subs and likes would greatly appreciated <3 (i still don’t know how to enable comments OTL)


It's easy to create a floor plan layout of paint colors for your home. Use this method when planning a renovation or doing simple updates to test out paint colors you think you like, and to get an idea of how well colors go together, which room to use a color in, etc. It's easy to paint your home digitally and I'm showing you how!


DIY Turn any photo into your own paint-by-numbers! Great project for kids or custom & thoughtful gift for friends who love their pets! You will need a free program called Picnik (awesome FREE online photo editing software) if you do not have photoshop or some other editing program. Still SUPER CUTE & FUN!


(click on each image to see the settings!) So I decided to post some of my mostly used brushes in case if i lost it someday TvT as for the coloring brushes, i always combine bold+blending, note yourself that under these brushes add a base color with pen brush or bucket tool! I don’t always use the ‘highlights’ brush, but feel free to use them however you want :-) ((the third image is color palette brush)) last image is for the coloring brushes result

from PCMAG

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software : paint tool sai tool: genius tablet i608 ( a mouse would do as well but the edges will not get pointed like how a leave looks) hope this very very short tut helped.gonna make some more li...


Paint colors from Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams


UWAAAH, it's ma first tutorial, EVER. @ B @ And I'm so excited that it's done yet terrified because I surely made mistakes and typos and more Bear with me pp...