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How to Paint Old Linoleum Kitchen Floors

Completely update your kitchen WITHOUT buying new flooring! Ugly old linoleum floors?? Paint them using THIS paint. It wears like iron...

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Painted Vinyl/Linoleum Floors

When it comes to painted surfaces, you want the paint and the surface to bond like gum to hot asphalt. So, after giving the floor a good general cleaning, I did a once-over with TSP substitute (which is what I’d recommend you do before painting any surface – it degreases and deglosses to help the paint stick better, and doesn’t require pre-rinsing before applying paint).

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She wanted a new bathroom floor. First she rinses it with white vinegar, but then she does THIS!

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Before and After: Linoleum Floor Makeover

Before and After: Linoleum Floor Makeover - Why not!? if it doesn't work, we're replacing the floor in a couple years anyway!

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