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Hey I'm Paige Lopez my favorite sister is Brooke I'm very known and I'm a drama queen I'm 16 and single my closest friends are maddie Kenzie Chloe and kendall~Paige

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Noelito Flow

Dance Moms Confessions/Facts by @hahah0ll13 Proof if you search "TMZ Paige Hyland" and read the article:)

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'Dance Moms' Girls Reunited: Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Frazier And Paige Hyland Together Again

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Season Two of Lifetime's hit reality TV show 'DanceMoms' girls before another competition. Nia Frazier (age 11), Madison Ziegler (age 9), Brooke Hyland (age 14), Paige Hyland (age 12), Mackenzie Ziegler (age 7), Chloe Lukasiak (age 11). (left to right) (they are currently 2-3 year's older now)

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Hey I'm Chloe! I'm 13 years old . I have 3 sisters! Which I love to death. My best friend is Paige ( someone please be her)

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Day 11: Favorite Trio- Buckle Up! All three girls were gorgeous and I really like the choreography I love trios

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21 Things Dance Kids Want Their Non-Dance Friends To Know

Stop asking if we "won" competition, it doesn't work that way. We get medals for each dance, then high scores in each category -- divided by genre, age, and size of group -- and then overall high scores.

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