This is one of the most common questions asked in pageant interview, and yet a lot of girls don’t like getting it because they think their answer will be similar to everyone else. To some extent, that’s true: judges have probably heard a lot of “I’m a hard worker” and “I want to make a difference,” but this doesn’t mean you should avoid these answers if you truly feel them.

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Simply put, pageants are charm competitions. Think about it. In most cases, you are contending with other women who are likewise intelligent, attractive, talented and desirous of the title. What will set you apart? What will convince the judges that you are their favorite? Charm will. Charm is defined as, “the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration.” Charm cannot be faked…at least not for long. True charm flows naturally from an honest and kind place within your soul…

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What Colors NOT To Wear In Pageant Interview Based On Your Hair Color. It’s no secret that your interview can make or break you in a pageant. Follow these tips to find your perfect color for interview!

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I just finished up with a fun and informative interview with Ronica, a pageant coach and former contestant. Ronica is an accomplished motivational speaker and pageant consultant. She has been featured on Fox News, Inside Edition, The Morning Show, MSNBC and a variety of other major networks. She has judged the Miss Utah America and Miss Mississippi America pageants, to name a few, and is responsible for the recent success of Miss New Jersey America 2009. Since Ronica is a “Certified Miss…

Outside of pageant interview, your onstage introduction is the best way to connect with the judges. The Introduction varies slightly from system to system, but you are simply giving the judges a second glimpse at your poise, articulation, and confidence. Click to read more & learn how to stand out in your next pageant.

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These professional practice interview questions will help you nail your pageant interview and “wow” the judges. I personally have used these interview questions as a pageant judge and there are some timeless ones in here that I’ll continue to use in the future. And I’m not alone in this. I’ve heard many other judges use these interview questions without reading my list. These are my free gift to you and though they are free please do not overlook the value. Contestants pay anywhere from…

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We’ve seen the blunders live on stage when a contestant pulls a question but they have no idea how to answer it. A million thoughts are running through their minds and usually they have nothing to do with the question. The same thing can happen in interview, where the judges only have 10 minutes or less to get to know who you are and what you stand for. There are, of course, ways to answer with your opinion, but the trick is not offending anyone in the process. You’re a queen, after all…

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We've rounded up the top questions of the week for you to practice for your upcoming pageant. Click to read why these questions are important and some of our favorite ways to answer! You will find these and hundreds of other practice interview questions at

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What to Do With Your Arms When Competing in Pageants. Read more free coaching tips like this on

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Ever since the Miss America Organization founded the platform concept in 1989, requiring each contestant to choose an issue that she cares deeply about and that is of relevance to her country, the platform issue has become a staple in many pageant systems. This is because the platform issue demonstrates both the character of the contestant and promotes something that she cares deeply about. In order to perfect your platform for interview, the first thing that you’re going to need is drive…

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