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Etched Birches Table Lamp

Nothing suggests winter serenity like the stark silhouette of bare birch trees. This Etched Birches Lamp from Pier 1 is no exception, with its raw log-like base and birch shade that casts a peaceful glow from any side table. Laser-cut iron creates a landscape of tree trunks, with a hand-painted bronzed finish and inner linen liner to spread the light. Forecast: Serene.


9 extremely challenging but worthwhile hikes

Pacaya Volcano - This very active volcano in Guatemala sits only about an hour from the city of Antigua. It is not the walk itself that makes this an extreme trek. In fact, the hike up the slope is relatively easy compared to the other journeys on this list. What makes this an unusual place for a hike are the active steam vents and rivers of lava that run near the trail.


Climbing Pacaya Volcano Near Antigua, Guatemala

Climbing Pacaya Volcano Near Antigua, Guatemala | Climbing a volcano is a must-have experience in Guatemala. Pacaya Volcano is easily accessible from nearby Antigua and is a popular and worthwhile half-day trip from the colonial city. You are able to walk on the hardened lava fields and roast marshmallows over the heat vents. Check out my blog post to read more!


Volcán de Pacaya

Pacaya | Guatemala | Central America | Pacaya is an active volcano (part of the Central American Volcanic Arc) that towers 8,373ft above sea level. It’s blown its top 23 times over the past few centuries, most recently in May of 2010.


Luftpflanzen: "Pacaya", Beton ca. 18 cm | EVRGREEN - Pflanz Dich glücklich


Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala erupted, on Sunday march 2, 2014 and it causing about 3,000 people to evacuate. This volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Central America.