Pablo Escobar: Lies are necessary, when the truth is too difficult to believe. More on: #narcos #narcosquotes

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‘Narcos’: Pablo Escobar is great, if you forget that he was real

Netflix's Narcos is like a bland guy reading you the Wikipedia entry on Pablo ... 3 Netflix's Narcos is like a bland guy reading you the Wikipedia entry on Pablo ... 3 Mary (@uknewse) August 30 2015

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Wagner Moura

WAGNER MOURA ACTOR The Brazilian actor owes his stateside success to cocaine—large, pure kilos of fictitious Amazonian coca. As infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar on Netflix’s Narcos, Moura terrorizes with an iron fist but also manages to show a vulnerability not seen in former drug dealer roles. Escobar will die this season, but Moura’s second life as a Hollywood A-Lister is just beginning. Wavy Index: He received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Narcos.

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Watch the Making of Netflix's Narcos Season 2 - The Fall of Pablo Escobar

We all logged onto Netflix for second season of the hit show, to watch the gripping real-life tail of the world’s most infamous drug kingpins, Pablo Escobar. Narcos season 2 follows Pablo, played by Golden Globe nominee Wagner Moura, on the run, with the Colombian authorities in relentless pursuit — and determined to put an end to his illegal activities.

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Play as Pablo Escobar in Netflix's new side-scrolling runner game Read more Technology News Here --> Pablo Escobar was a man who could be referred to by many labels: drug lord terrorist murderer ugly sweater enthusiast. But thanks to the new web game Netflix Infinite Runner we can add one more title to his resume: Wonder Boy surrogate. Dubbed as A Netflix Original Game the endless runner lets you play as characters from some of your favourite Netflix shows…

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