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Pablo Escobar Body

The bloodied body of Pablo Escobar lies on a Medellin rooftop where he was shot dead by members of the Colombian National Police "Search Bloc" who stand triumphantly around their kill 2nd December 1993 [500x304]

20 años de la muerte de Pablo Escobar

What ever did happen to Pablo Escobar? He was a modern day Robin Hood. He was a very intelligent and ruthless person. He was hated by some and loved by others.


Agent Steve Murphy with the body of Pablo Escobar (1993)

Pablo Escobar's Anchor 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

africansouljah: “ DEA agent Steve Murphy grasping Pablo Escobar’s body. ”

Pablo Escobar's Anchor Youth Tees

Pablo Escobar's Anchor HOODIE