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Pablo Escobar Body

The bloodied body of Pablo Escobar lies on a Medellin rooftop where he was shot dead by members of the Colombian National Police "Search Bloc" who stand triumphantly around their kill 2nd December 1993 [500x304]

from Calm Little Chaos

How to Handle an Unexpected Pregnancy

Finding out you're pregnancy when you're not expecting it to happen is really hard. The crazy whirlwind of emotions, the planning that is stressing you out, the the changes you and your body are going to go through. Click through to learn my tips and tricks on how to handle an unexpected pregnancy when you aren't yet ready. Spend that unplanned pregnancy planning for the baby the best you can!


Although Pablo Escobar died 21 years ago his tumultuous story lives on. At the height of his career the notorious Colombian drug lord supplied around 80% of all the cocaine smuggled into the States. That is a shit load of coke!

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