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Ozzy Osbourne Bat

This is hilarious...if you actually get the joke! Love this! ;)

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Ozzy Osbourne is infamously known for biting the head of a real bat during one of his shows. A fan threw a bat on stage, thinking it was fake he picked it up and bit it off with his mouth in front of everyone.

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Ozzy Osbourne maddest moments: 10 extreme tales from the booze and drug fuelled Prince of Darkness

Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for probably the least interesting thing Ozzy Osbourne ever did, getting drunk as hell. I mean for god's sake his nickname is "The Prince of Darkness" and you don't that nickname for being a biotch. This dude be eatin' bats and shit. This dude gets bored of cocaine and snorts lines of live ants. This dude be peein' on the Alamo at 9 am in a woman's dress.

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John Mccollum killed himself after listening to Ozzy Osbourne. The famous band Ozzy Osbourne was brought to court and was charged for “suicide lyrics.” Bands also brought to court were Judas Priest and Metallica.

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