Before I had kids, I knew exactly what kind of a mother I wanted to be. You know, the kind of mother who kept a perfectly clean house, who served delicious and nutritous meals, who had fun with her kids and never raised her voice. I wanted to be a super-mom. I wanted to be […]

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Dear Overwhelmed Mom: You can do it! And I wanted to give you some quick encouragement today. I’m a little overwhelmed myself right now. I’m speaking at a writer’s conference, and my manuscript for 9 Thoughts That Will Change Your Marriage is due at Waterbrook next Friday. So I don’t have time to wr...

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Are you a frazzled and overwhelmed mom trying to just stay afloat? Find out how to create a cleaning schedule that will work for you!

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I ran on empty for a long time when my kids were little. I wouldn't recommend it. It's hard to be a good Mom when you aren't taking care of yourself. I was angry overwhelmed depressed and unhappy. by robinmcfadyen

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As a mom, wife and homemaker, it’s easy be overwhelmed and feel like I can’t do it all. Dishes need to be done. Laundry is waiting in the dryer to be put away. A child needs to be disciplined. The baby is crying. Thankfully we can hold onto these three Biblical truths when we feel overwhelmed!

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When we have that first baby, we're full of hope and joy. But gradually, insecurity and overwhelmed weariness creeps in. Help is available! This post gives some great resources for moms as they seek to raise their children well.

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Are you overwhelmed when you wake up in the morning by everything you need to do? Do you work all day long, yet often get to the end of the day feeling exhausted and discouraged? Do you wish you had more energy and focus throughout the day? If this describes you, please know - you’re not alone!

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