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I would love to acquire an old out house and reuse it as a tool shed. Minus the previous contents of course, just the shell.


A properly managed privy is at least as healthful for people and land as a septic system and is far more than a place to evacuate waste. Ours is a sanctuary in which to be quiet with no one to ask why you aren't busy; to think or read with no one waiting to get in to shave; to watch a small, pretty piece of the day pass outside (one of the clapboards on our outhouse has a crack that's perfect for viewing through, like Arctic sunglasses.


Adding an outhouse to your homestead can be beneficial in many ways. The only thing you will need to do is review a list of DIY outhouse plans and ideas.


Bathroom Commode... I designed this to look like an outhouse toilet. There are two cubbies on either side of the tank. The vent serves to cool the seat in the summer and heat it in the winter. The toilet paper holder is made from deer antlers. The seat has a picture of two deer in a pasture.