Mini Olympics is an active outdoor team building activity for corporate teams in Sydney. This competitive event will have your team laughing non stop.

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I like the boardwalk game 5 summer relay games for family reunions | How Does She

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team building games like this are great! one to do is use a bucket and give everyone cups saying they have to transport the bucket of water you are dumping to the other bucket and here is the catch you poor until it is empty slowly and constantly. the team with the most water at the end/most teamwork used wins!

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Check out the list of 10 team building games and activities especially designed to improve employee planning skills and building trust within a team.

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How to play a hula hoop relay race which is a fun game to play and an easy outdoor party game to organize. Relay games like this hula hoop relay race is a great team building activity and SO much fun for kids to play.

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