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What Is Your Past Life Karma Lesson?

How do you know what the actions of your past were and how do they affect your current day?

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Empathy: How to Create Greater Success and Good Fortune

When we focus on ourselves alone our problems loom larger, and our world gets smaller. But when we turn our attention to others, everything gets put in perspective.


"I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better at putting my feeling into words than I am"

from Dr. Michelle Bengtson

10 Things to Pray When You Aren’t Sure What to Pray

At times, you want to pray, but you don't know what to pray. Use these 10 areas as a starting point. Ask God to bring other areas to your remembrance.

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Give Light to Others

Every day I help kids achieve what they want to be one day. Often times I forget that I need to take care of myself and release my inner glow! Check out @thrivemarket for all of your deserving needs!

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As an INFJ I find it difficult not to be affected by other's frequencies, its sort of like being an empath or something, stuff really does imprint on me. I pick up on stuff all the time.

from Alyssa J Howard

Love Defined: Loving Others the Way God Loves Us

Until we choose to forgive, the pain that we are holding on to has the right to control us. Even if the other person has moved on, we still live in bondage to what they did to us. When we let things go, however, we are the ones who experience true freedom.


Amen!! There are certain names for those other people, but they already know that! Ha!!