Otaku Issues - I cried when Nagisa and Ushio from Clannad/Clannad After Story died... But they came back to life! Then I cried happy tears.

Otaku Issues - I cried when Kakashi and Itachi from Naruto died. But then Kakashi came back to life! Then I cried happy tears.


Nope not fictional I don't read books but I'm trying to but if i described my crush in one word it would be GORGEOUS =P

Fortunately, I married a fellow otaku.  And when we sit down in front of the tv, it's usually to watch anime together.  He also gets excited about manga with me.  <3

Didn't work sad enough. When my cousins are old enough I'll introduce them to the fandom!

I know the lyrics to the themes songs by heart but have no idea what they mean!

Otaku Problem: When you know lots of Japanese words but you have no idea how to string them together into sentences.

Otaku Issues. Once again, Spice and Wolf. Cheeky/arrogant/sweet wolf/girl, greedy/kind merchant, medieval Europe, fantasy, pagan folk lore and a fantastic blend of economics lessons.  Unique indeed.

Oh my goodness yes - These otaku issues are so true and obviously an otaku has made them

Otaku Issues #157 - The word that I use most is, "kawaii". One time, a guy in my class knew what I was saying. I still don't know how though because he doesn't have any interest in Japan related things whatsoever and if he did know some Japanese words, that would be the most random word for him to know.

Otaku Problem: When you say Japanese words and nobody understands you. My friend is like frustrated because I say some words and he doesn't understand *^_^*