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Osteoporosis: The Other Silent Killer – A Prescription for Proactivity

Best osteoporosis exercises: weight-bearing, flexibility, A regular program of walking, and strength and flexibility training can help improve osteoporosis and prevent its onset. Description from I searched for this on


The word osteoporosis means porous bones. It is the most common type of bone disease and is estimated to affect about one in every five American women over the age of 50. Whether your focus is prevention or coping with osteoporosis, regular exercise boosts peak bone mass, reduces your risk for fractures and helps strengthen your muscles.

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Calcium and Vitamin D Combination to Reduce Osteoporosis Risk

Understanding Osteoporosis Chart - A woman in midlife will be able to get sufficient calcium in her diet without putting on weight. Menopausal women need to consume 1,200 milligrams of calcium daily. 3 glasses of 1% to skim milk provides up to 900 milligrams. The remainder could easily be provided via calcium-rich and calcium-fortified foods. Foods fortified with vitamin D and calcium is growing. Ex. orange juice, soy milk, yogurt, cereal, crackers, breakfast bars, bread, and even pancakes.


Heel Lifts: This weight bearing exercise for osteoporosis is a great one to increase your lower leg, ankle, and foot strength.Bone Building Exercises for Osteoporosis.