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Capillary Dynamics game. In this learning object, learners examine the movement of fluid within the vascular system. A short quiz completes the activity. Wisc-Online

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Hydrostatic pressure, capillary filtration pressure, capillary colloidal osmotic pressure

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Preserving Meat Without Refrigeration - Perhaps our ancient Irish ancestors used some of these techniques...

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Turgor Pressure: pushes the plasma membrane against the cell wall of plant, bacteria and fungi cells; this pressure or turgidity is caused by the osmotic flow of water from area of low solute concentration outside of the cell into the cell's vacuole, which has a higher solute concentration; healthy plant cells are turgid & plants rely on this to maintain rigidity; not observed in animal cells (no cell walls); flaccid: reduced pressure

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Science Clipart and Diagrams

The effect of osmotic pressure on red blood cells in shown. - LadyofHats, Public Domain

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There are three types of osmosis hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic. These are the effects of different solutions on blood cells. This picture is of the osmotic pressures on blood cells.

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Fluid Exchange- Net Hydrostatic pressure- Net Osmotic pressure=Net filtration pressure

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