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Glenn Beck: "Christians Deserve Preferential Treatment in Schools, Because Ten Commandments"

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Osiris, Isis & Nephthys. Together Isis and Nephthys could be said to represent day and night, life and death, growth and decay. In Heliopolis, Isis and Nephthys were represented by two virginal priestesses who shaved off all of their body hair and were ritually pure.

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Osíris é rei, esposo e pai: ele representa a existência das estruturas normais da sociedade humana. Outra versão: Osíris morto, destruído e ressuscitado ...

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La Lucha entre Horus y Seth

horus egyptian god | Qué significa esto? –murmuró Ra-Atum-. ¿Es que acaso la Enéada ...

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In ancient Egypt, the marriage between Isis and Osiris was considered sacred union of heaven and earth, of yin and yang, of the feminine and the masculine principles. Description from

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