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Power Rangers.. I have no problem admitting i wanted to be the pink ranger so i could date the green ranger he was cute..

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Attention, '90s Kids: 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Is Getting a Reboot

Attention, '90s Kids: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Is Getting a Reboot @Julianne Roper @Stephanie Krause @Erin Krause shall we morph again?!

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Life After being a Power Ranger

The Power Rangers. poor yellow ranger :( The Black one is still acting though as well.

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Where Are They Now? The Original "Power Rangers"

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Steve Morris

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“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”: The O.G. of the Rangers

Just realized how racist power rangers were. Who is black? Who is yellow?<<<haha I don't think this is true, but that is exactly what I was thinking before I even got to the comment

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Artwork | Original Power Rangers Logo Mighty morphin power rangers

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