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.ORI Stool by Jakub Piotr Kalinowski Playing around with origami, designer Jakub Piotr Kalinowski came up with a cool stool design that leaves no doubt as to its biggest influence. “Use of a bending and cutting method allowed to satisfy main design assumption: simplicity and lost manufacturing costs, by dint of that the mass production is possible.”

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DIY Origami Box Lights

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How to make an origami chair with triangular legs (

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Wooden Origami Furniture Collection

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As its name suggests, the Origami Chair translates the folding paper language to a sharp, geometric, metal seating solution. Through a minimal number of folds, a three-dimensional structure designed to cradle the human body. The structure is supported by a metal pipe, perfectly bended to follow the shape created by the folds. #YankoDesign #Furniture #Chair

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