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First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Getting to know each of your students in your first days of school is the best way to begin building strong relationships. This is a fun activity to get kids to open up...make sure to share about yourself as well! I


FREE Parent Flip Book Template + Astrobrights Colorize Your Classroom Contest


First Day Activity using Post-It Notes. What are your goals for this year? How will you reach these goals? What can (the teacher) do to help you this year? This could be adapted for high school students.


Two Days in Paris: Extreme Sightseeing

Only have two days in Paris? Here's how I did it, and it involves extreme sightseeing. What is it and how can you do it too? Keep reading!


I'm All Booked: Library Lesson: Monkeying Around- Great for PreK-K library orientation and discussion on book care. Free bookmarks to print for students to take home after lesson to remember their library day.