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A School Called Home: Learning the Levels - Charting the levels of organization of living things from cells to organism! $1.00

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Human Body Project: A Life-Size, Lift-the-Flap Model

This foldable is a great idea for students to understand how the human body functions and where organs are located. This activity can be completed in groups and can be placed around the classroom for students to recall on information. What makes this activity interesting is that students can lift up a cut-out of an organ and read the characteristics and the role it plays in our body. KR

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internal+anatomy+of+woman | female human anatomy organs | source :

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Human Body Unit: Foldables, Writing, Vocabulary, Scientists and More

I created this "No Fluff" unit to teach my second graders about the human body. I covered pretty much everything that was expected by our district that our text book did not address. This human body unit contains printables and foldables to introduce your little ones to: The Human BodyFunctions of Each:HeartLungsBrainSkinKidneysStomachIntestineMuscleSkeletonFoldable for the Types of Scientists Who Study the Various Human body parts and…

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Cells, Tissues, Organs

This resource is perfect for an interactive notebook. It contains plenty of activities to make the cell come alive!

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