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The Benefits of Organic Gardening

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Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can Make

Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can Make! • Want to make your own organic fertilizer for your garden? Check out how easy it is!

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How to Use Epsom Salts on Your Lawn

How to Use Epsom Salts on Your Lawn-mix 3 pounds of Epsom salt with 1 bag of fertilizer and spread on lawn.

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If you Use Vinegar in the Garden these 12 Miracles will Happen

Vinegar has myriads of uses in the kitchen but it can also do miracles in the garden! Look at these 12 amazing vinegar uses in garden to know more.

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Chemical vs Organic Lawn Fertilizer — Which Works Better?

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Lawn Care - using moldy hay as lawn fertilizer - Take moldy hay and tear it up into chunks. Then sprinkle the chunks onto the lawn before mowing. Then mow it in. Simple!

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22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home (for less!)

Homemade Weed Killer -- 22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home (for less!)

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The best organic lawn fertilizer - it's got to be easy to get for homeowners, and deliver great results... the winner is:

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Using Wood Chips in a Vegetable Garden

Wondering if using wood chips in your vegetable garden is a good idea? We'll discuss some pros and cons in this post.

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Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives

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Corn Gluten Meal: All natural weed preventer for your lawn. Prevents weeds from germinating and it adds nitrogen into the soil for a greener lawn. Stop using cancer causing pesticides and herbicides please!

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Homemade Fertilizer

Homemade fertilizer is a great way to have quick compost even if you haven't built a compost pile.

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Awesome mosquito repellent: 1 cup lemon scented ammonia, one cup lemon dish soap, mix in a sprayer you can attach to your hose (I reused an old bottle of lawn fertilizer) and spray your lawn - I did this last year and it worked, I think this year I may do it twice

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