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Honest Organic Nipple Balm

The Honest Co. Organic Nipple Balm. I will never use another nipple balm again! This is some good stuff.

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400 Companies That DO NOT Use GMOs in Their Products

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Organic Baby Powder

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Advocates: Organic Food Companies Worked with Monsanto on Bogus GMO-Labeling Bill

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131 Heirloom Seed Companies by Region in light of I-522's defeat, it is clearer than ever, the corruption behind "buying the outcome". Heirloom seeds are non gmo seeds for true, organic gardening. If you're sick of supporting corporate greed and looking to become an independent gardener, this is a great resource to have on hand.

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This amazing drink melts kidney stones, cures liver cancer, cleans and destroys cancer cells. This is one of the most powerful drink out…

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Boycott Monsanto – A Simple List of Companies to Avoid. In light of the recent public anger over the Monsanto Protection Act, here’s a simple, printable list of companies that use Monsanto products. By avoiding products made by companies on this list, you can help ensure your money isn’t going to Monsanto and also watch out for the health of your family and yourself.

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