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2017 In Thoughts of You calendar now available, price £6 plus £1.20 postage. Please make cheque payable to BFITOY & send with your order to 30 Hailsham Sve. Saltdean, Nr Brighton, Sussex BN2 8QH or order online to pay by paypal


All orders have been SHIPPED! If you placed a pre order check your email for tracking number details. Thank you everyone so much for your patience the last couple weeks. We are ramping up production so we won't have delays like this hopefully in the future. For those still wanting to snag one of these badass Engraved USA Paracord Bracelets we have 4 mediums and 3 large left total. And that will be it for a few weeks until the new batch is complete. So get them while they last (probably only…

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Now that you have read the first of my five-part blog entry on beliefs, I’d like to you to read through this passage. (I recommend reading these blog posts in order; check out the first post here.) “Everyone has inside of her a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”Continue Reading →

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Details about 35/7pc Upick Organza Ribbon Flower Appliques wedding Sewing Big flower A083

We try our best to provide you the most reliable, affordable way of shipping service. A Paypal Account is Not Necessary to use your Credit/Debit Card. We Do Not Accept Cheques or Postal Orders.

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It’s expensive to be poor

WHEN Ken Martin, a hat-seller, pays his monthly child-support bill, he uses a money order rather than writing a cheque. Money orders, he says, carry no risk of going...

We are the most cost-effective, friendly alternative to purchasing pre-printed computer cheques from financial institutions.

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Debt Free Living: 50 Strategies to Save Money and Get Out of Debt

In order to do what you love, where you want to live, you need to get out of debt. Debt keeps you in bondage to a pay cheque. Here's 50 tips to help you. Tell your friends, colleagues, and customers about and receive a cheque for upto 10% of order amount for each one of them that mentions you on the order form when signing up.

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Huge scale of Lord Lucan's gambling debts have emerged

Five of the cheques cover a total of £15,000 and were written over a two day period. The words 'Orders Not To Pay' are clearly visible in the top corners of the cheques