Please BOYCOTT products that contain Palm Oil and Palm Oil derivatives to help SAVE the Orangutans.

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Volunteer in Borneo to help create a wildlife centre for orangutans and help International Animal Rescue

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Is it time to examine an ancient wisdom you just encountered? Monkey ignites the inspiration and imagination from the deep recesses of the self and mind and teaches how to move within/without, above and below.

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HELP SAVE Tanjung Puting's Orangutans! 2,200 hectares of land have been cleared within Tanjung Puting National Park, killing at least 22 wild orangutans!

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The heart and souls of the rehabilitated orangutans of Borneo capture the true spirit of hearted, loving, sharing, adventurous, determined and bursting with life! Malaysia is beautiful one moment and simply breathtaking the next. #MalaysiaAus #AirAsia

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