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Oracle Earnings

Better Java Code Generation | ResQSoft\u00ae #software_development__SOA_COTS_legacy_systems_legacy_system_system_integration_code_generator_soa_architecture_service_oriented_architecture_cots_software_cots_software_WebCenter_Oracle_WebCenter

If you want to be wealthy, learn how to become wealthy from a wealthy person. Don't take financial advice from someone who has not earned their wealth. If you want to be a millionaire, do what a millionaire does.


Latest Oracle Java SE Remote Java Runtime Environment vulnerability ( CVE-2012-5076 ) leads to Luxembourg Police Ransomware Malware. From such Malwares criminals are earning average $300,000/year. Read details @

Winter is a time of completion, the end of a cycle. The Fairies want you to know that you're on the right path to the realizing of your goals and dreams. Continue following your intuition and working towards your goals right now. Don't procrastinate, you're almost there! #angels #fairies #guidance #tarot #oracle


Why Twitter Is Like a Deli With Good Pastrami

Why Twitter Is Like a Deli With Good Pastrami A deli makes a great pastrami sandwich but only sells them within a five-block radius. Likewise when Twitter doesnt draw new users it cant sell more ads. Technology Online Advertising