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#Sir #Richard #Branson #Success - At first I wasn't even #allowed to #register the #business name because the word #virgin was thought to be #rude. I had to sit down and, in my #best 15-year-old #penmanship, write a #letter to the #registry office that began, 'Surely the word virgin is anything but rude; it's the #opposite of rude.' They eventually #relented. See more at:

from After Narcissistic Abuse

Your Voice – What it is and How It Is Silenced By the Narcissist

Narcs are just the opposite of who they say they are. They’re dishonest, immoral, scary, rude, selfish, unthoughtful, inhumane, jealous, possessive, shallow, insecure, immature, petty, problematic, chaotic, trouble making, quarrelsome and some.


The opposite of Jill. She'd be really, really mean and rude :(


check ya self before ya wreck ya self..... the opposite of God's Spiritual fruit are hate, sadness, chaos, impatience, RUDEness, badness, UNfaithfulness, roughness & lack of self control........


And remember you got rest :) you can clear this negative energy by your rested vibration and desire for positive change as your result. You can whip a set of demons and clear them out with the positive opposite of what they are so rudely imparting into your time and space. Bravery equals positive change through a glorious intentions and simple actions of thoughts and words. No whips needed! :)

from Power of Positivity: Positive Thinking & Attitude

9 Comebacks for Dealing with Rude People


...could be a rude awakening for them... that is, if they are actually paying attention to us.....

1“A lot of young girls think that the opposite of fake is rudeness. And just as ugly as fake is, so is saying whatever is on your mind because it's the truth.” ― Tyra Banks

"Why so rude and unprovoked? Could it be that you see the element of truth and are afraid of changing your mind. Google: Cognitive dissonance."