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The urban and the natural. These two seemingly opposite landscapes have contributed to form what Element is today. We've taken the core of these two ter...

”….receiving and giving are opposite energies that are inextricably linked together in the natural flow of life, like inhaling and exhaling.”--Shakti Gawain.

Pin for Later: Finally! Sarah Jessica Parker Sells Her $20M Village Townhouse On the opposite side, tall windows allow for plenty of natural light and a hint of natural greenery.

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MinutePhysics Explains the Nature of Antimatter, Particles Identical to Matter but With the Opposite Charge

MinutePhysics host Henry Reich (see previously) explains the nature of antimatter, particles that are identical to matter but with the opposite charge, in a recent episode.


How To Stimulate The Growth Of Your Eyebrows The Natural Way | Idea Digezt

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Further evidence that nature is not the opposite of technology

by Norman Rozenberg This week on Txchnologist, we explored inventions and discoveries that have the potential to improve myriad lives. First, our correspondent talked to researchers who have...

Besides the obvious... It's the least natural way/ most opposite of gravity lol


Naturally backed knife on a quartzite flake. The flake comes from a water worn pebble and its natural surface across the distal end and right edge where it forms natural backing to the opposite 'knife' edge. The low-angled, straight left edge is formed by the remnants of 2 scars and is unmodified. Small plain butt. Fresh