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Locals and Tourists #3 (GTWA #4): San Francisco Blue pictures are by locals. Red pictures are by tourists. Yellow pictures might be by eith


Map it!

Hello guys,This is an Instructable (as a part of the course TFCD) on making a laser cutted map of any town you desire!So for example your hometown, the city your study in or the city where your significant other is stuck for that half year internship.Once you get the hang of it, it's fairly easy. The steps are listed up below:- pick a city;- download the city vector formats;- open and edit the vector format in Adobe Illustrator;- export it to a dxf file and send it to a laser cutter…

from Fubiz Media

Structure Photography

Structure Photography Dallas-based photographer Nikola Olic shares with us his beautiful series of conceptual architecture photographs, focusing on abstract structural point of views. Each image is meticulously centered for a disorienting framing and accompanied with a short story about the subject, a minimalist map showing the city, the street intersection and the direction of the camera.


This one is a little too abstract for my tastes, but the idea of a beautiful geometric street map as wallpaper is something I could very much get behind. I've already fallen in love with the idea of a map of the world as a floor, so why not this?


"map=yes" is a collaboration between MapQuest Open and Stamen Design, using data from the OpenStreetMap project. The project is an exploration of new frontiers in online cartography and the mapping of open data. All the code used to generate these maps is available for download and liberal re-use.