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Map representing the earth’s surface as an icosahedron, in homage to Buckminster Fuller’s famous Dymaxion projection, and showing the locations of 259 critical infrastructures.

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Do-It-Yourself GIS: 20 Free Tools & Data Sources for Creating Data Maps Ellyssa Kroski — August 21, 2013 on OEDb

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Haptic Lab Creates Quilted Maps To Turn Wayfinding Physical

Tactile Maps by Emily Fischer who researches digital information such as open source mapping to find a density of data that conforms to "Amish rules of quilting". Each resultant quilt is a tactile map.

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MAP- VEINS. THIS is why our bodies don't need tattoes. Our bodies are already a beautiful, unique work of art. ~MK

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An animator can't do much without the right tools, namely powerful software. Here are a few free and open source alternatives for great animation software.

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Infographic of the Day: Using Flickr Geotags to Map the World's Cities [UPDATED]

San Francisco - Photographer Eric Fischer uses Flickr's geotags to create city maps that show the places of intense human interest.

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NYC -- Map Stack | Stamen Design Map→Image is a utility to help you create an image from an area on a map built by Stamen Design, up to 2,000 x 2,000 pixels. It is part of CityTracking, a two-year project (2010-2012) to change the way people view, talk about, utilize digital city services, and kindly funded by the Knight Foundation. You can download or fork the (open) source code on Github.

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Open Source Design 02: WikiLeaks Guide/Critical Infrastructure