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Can't wait for the book to come out, the reviews will be interesting. I have screen shoots of your online drinking games, and links to complaints about you. All you had to do was leave me alone, but you just couldn't do it.


Special Yeast Reduces Alcohol Content in Wine, Preserves Flavor

Facebook refuses to block ‘neknominations’ Have you ever heard of this drinking game?? #liquor #crazy #game

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Online drinking game comes to Ottawa

CBC News | February 10, 2014 | Online drinking game comes to Ottawa. Potentially dangerous game challenges participants to post videos of extreme drinking.

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10 Fun Halloween Activities for Grown Ups

Here are some great ideas for Halloween drinking games: Alcoholic Apple Bobbing: Each apple has a number carved in it - equal to the number of shots the player must take after getting the apple. Extra points for using a boozy bobbing bowl, but I understand if you don't fancy drinking it after having people's faces all over it. Movie Drinking Games: These are a classic. Watch a scary movie and drink every time someone says 'zombie' or 'murder' etc. You can find plenty of these online.


More Than Half of High-Risk Alcohol Users Report Improvement After Weight Loss Surgery


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Give the plastic clothes pin or peg to the first pegger. Their job is to secretly attach the clothes pin to another player without their notice. The pegger then steps away from the pegged, and begins to count to 10 out loud. All players will search for the peg on their hair and clothes. Person finds it, pegger drinks. Doesn't find it, pegged drinks.

51 Drinking Games by Greatest Deal Online on Opensky


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